It seems the kids aren’t alright at The George Washington University.

Last night, a group of leftist students disrupted Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles’ speech sponsored by GW Young America’s Foundation, shouting expletives and insults at the speaker, before being escorted out by university police officers.

The speech, titled “George Washington is Canceled,” was the second stop on Michael Knowles’ exclusive YAF fall speaking tour, titled “Men are Not Women and Other Uncomfortable Truths,” sponsored by the Logan Family Lecture Series.

Ten minutes into the speech, a phone timer went off, and around ten students stood up and began yelling “F*** you, you f****** fascist!” and chanting “shame!” When Knowles asked the protesters what he said that they disagreed with, the protesters would not give a response.

Watch the protesters:

According to GW’s Code of Student Conduct, “Students must recognize their responsibility to uphold the right of free speech and to permit invited speakers to appear and speak without disruption. The members of the university community are urged to hear all sides of controversial issues represented.” Matthew Mastroberti, president of GW Young America’s Foundation, said that the YAF chapter is considering all options against the protestors, including pursuing charges for violating this code of conduct.

“The protests last night displayed the worst GW students have to offer: insults, profanity, and incoherent argument,” Mastroberti said. “It’s a shame that they project this image of intolerance as representative of our student body, when that’s not the Colonials I know we are.”

This isn’t the first time the “tolerant” Left has attempted to stifle free speech on GW’s campus. For many years, the GW YAF chapter has been targeted by leftists with threats of violence, destruction of property, smear campaigns, and  protests of events. The university has remained silent on the repeated attempts to silence and defame the YAF chapter, and it seems unlikely that any action will be taken against these protesters.