Young America’s Foundation believes that University of Houston student employees may have intentionally disrupted the live stream of Matt Walsh’s “What is a Woman?” screening and remarks at the University of Houston this evening.

More than 600 students, faculty, and community members gathered to watch the film, hear Walsh’s remarks, and engage with him during the question and answer session.

Outside, hundreds of protestors surrounded the event venue, holding signs and chanting expletives throughout the night.

One protester was even taken into custody by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office after attempting to run into the auditorium during the showing of the documentary.

Unfortunately for those who were hoping to tune in from around the country, however, the live stream was unavailable.

Several student AV workers, who were required by the university to be on-site, had access to YAF’s streaming equipment in the hours prior to the beginning of the event.

One of the student workers, Ky Lai, was in communication with members of a leftist coalition, “Stop Transphobia @ UH,” and shared that he would be working behind the scenes. After YAF became aware of this student worker’s postings, he was removed from the event, and a bomb sweep was conducted. 

It is very likely that another student worker whose malicious intentions went unnoticed disrupted or damaged the production crew’s equipment.

“We worked very hard to make this event happen. With only 16 days to market the event, we tabled every possible moment, handed out flyers, and attended other events to let others know that it was happening today,” James Vaughan, a board member of the University of Houston’s Young Conservatives of Texas chapter told YAF. “The fact that student AV workers came with the intent of sabotaging our livestream, and doing it successfully, makes me incredibly frustrated,” he continued.

This isn’t the first time that leftists have attempted to shut down Walsh’s message through a cyberattack. During the premiere of the hit documentary over the summer, the Daily Wire’s servers came under a sustained DDoS attack, which prevented thousands from being able to immediately tune in.

This is a developing situation, and Young America’s Foundation will continue to investigate.