The Erie County District Attorney’s office announced Wednesday evening, less than 24 hours before Michael Knowles is scheduled to speak at the University of Buffalo, that it will not pursue charges against students and outside agitators whose violent behavior at a Young America’s Foundation lecture last year forced Lt. Col. Allen West to be escorted out of the venue by police. 

As the congressman was being transported to an offsite location, upset leftists focused their rage on the YAF chapter’s leadership. Three board members were chased through the halls of the building. One YAF student outran the mob, another was punched and kicked, and then-chairwoman Therese Purcell was chased into a men’s restroom.

This timing of this decision, compounded with multiple statements of condemnation sent by administrators and faculty, has sent a dangerous message to the leftist protesters that their violent and disruptive behavior will be tolerated and even encouraged. It is not difficult to imagine that these same individuals will feel emboldened to cause even more chaos and destruction in the future, knowing that they will not face any real consequences for their actions.

Young America’s Foundation has diligently worked with the chapter to ensure that adequate security measures are in place for this evening in order to ensure a safe event for all. Free tickets can be found here.