Leftist Protestors Disrupt Shapiro Lecture Screaming About Swastikas, Booed Out of Event

Radical leftist protestors at the University of Wisconsin disrupted Ben Shapiro’s YAF-sponsored lecture Wednesday night.

The lecture, sponsored by Young America’s Foundation’s Wendy P. McCaw Freedom Lecture Series and organized by UW Young Americans for Freedom, was slated to focus on the dangers of political correctness.

A small group of radical leftists crowded into the packed lecture hall, shouting at Shapiro as he spoke to the attentive audience.




The protestors even screamed about swastikas, a strange choice considering Shapiro is Jewish.

Police refused to remove the disrupters.

The audience, packed with hundreds of conservatives, chanted patriotic messages at the leftists.

After leaving the lecture hall, protestors continued to pound on the door.

Eventually the university responded to concerned parties on Twitter, noting that protestors had been “escorted from the room.”

UW YAF expected bitter opposition from their campuses’ liberal activists but were bold enough to host Ben anyway.

YAFers don’t back down to leftist pressure.