By Haylee Fishburn

Conservative students at Saint Louis University are alarmed by the university’s recent initiative to create “Policy Pods” for students to promote leftist activism and an agenda that openly runs counter to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

The Center for Social Action’s Policy Pods are designed to prepare students for legislative advocacy meetings and host “advocacy days” on topics that align with the radical left agenda. According to an Instagram post by the Center for Social Action, the pods will research the impacts of bills in Jefferson City and promote the LGBTQ+ agenda, including bills that ban males from participating in female sports, changing gender markers on birth certificates, and discussing imaginary gender and sexual identities in schools. The student leaders of the pods will guide groups in organizing events, such as Jefferson City trips, celebrations, and speakers, to promote their leftist agenda.

Not only is this agenda alarming from a conservative perspective, but it is also concerning from a Catholic perspective. Saint Louis University claims to be a Catholic institution, yet the Center for Social Action is promoting an agenda that runs counter to Catholic teachings on human sexuality and gender. The Catholic Church holds that marriage is between one man and one woman, and that human beings are created male or female.

Recently, the Missouri Senate proposed a bill that would limit discussions about gender identity and LGBTQ+ issues to licensed mental health care providers in K-12 public schools, with parental consent. Despite this, the SLU LGBTQ+ Policy Pods aim to advocate against this bill and push legislation that would encourage such leftist agenda-driven discussions about gender and explicit sexual activities in classrooms.

This is not an isolated incident, as Ohio State University had a similar program, as reported by YAF on February 15th.

Young America’s Foundation stands firmly against this university’s radical efforts and will continue to fight for the truth on campuses throughout the country.