The University of Maryland is hiring a “cookie activist” known for decorating baked goods to promote abortion, Critical Race Theory, and the Left’s LGBTQ+ agenda to lead an “Exploring Identity Through Cookie Decoration” workshop on Friday.

“See yourself in cookie form! This is an opportunity to explore your identity in a fun way through [a] cookie decorating workshop,” the event’s listing on the UMD website reads. The workshop will be funded by the university’s Office of Multicultural Involvement & Community Advocacy.

The “cookie activist,” Jasmine Cho, has been peddling leftist nonsense in frosting form for more than five years.

In a 2019 TED Talk, Cho shares that she was introduced to ideas rooted in Critical Race Theory by one of her college professors. “I started wondering if there was a way for me to connect cookies with social justice,” she said. “Cookies can be used to elevate awareness and even compel people to take civic action.”

In the years since coming up with the idea, she has started a Shopify page on which she sells her cookies for up to $50 each.

Following the pro-life Dobbs victory in the Supreme Court this past summer, Cho released a lineup of pro-abortion cookies in support of “womxn’s rights.”

“By sharing my own story and the lesser-known stories of underrepresented and misrepresented historical figures, I hope to help expand the worldviews of UMD students while also encouraging them to connect to their own personal stories in a deeper, meaningful way,” Cho told Young America’s Foundation. “We need many different people activated on every different level, so I hope my cookies can show at least one way of how sweet it can be to serve a need for the collective good,” she continued.

The University of Maryland did not immediately respond to Young America’s Foundation’s inquiry regarding the cost of this event. This article will be updated accordingly.