SANTA BARBARA, CALIF.—Twenty years ago this week, on April 21, 1998, Young America’s Foundation saved President Reagan’s beloved mountaintop ranch home from an uncertain future.

Rancho del Cielo is one of America’s premier Presidential properties, serving as home to the Reagans for 25 years and the “Western White House” throughout the Reagan Presidency. The Reagan Ranch was where President Reagan hosted world leaders—including Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Lady Margaret Thatcher, and Mikhail and Raisa Gorbachev—and signed the largest tax cut in American history.  It was at the Ranch where he delivered many important national radio addresses.

Over the last two decades, thousands of high school and college students have walked in President Reagan’s footsteps on the 688-acre ranch as part of Young America’s Foundation conferences. Many students who visit the Ranch today only know President Reagan through their history books. But when they visit Rancho del Cielo, they gain a greater appreciation for Ronald Reagan’s values, character, and lasting accomplishments. A visit to Rancho del Cielo has become a rite of passage for all young conservatives.

Young America’s Foundation has also welcomed our nation’s top conservative leaders to the Ranch as well as thousands of supporters and key allies who have made the Reagan Ranch’s ongoing preservation possible.

Underscoring the importance of the Reagan Ranch and its role in American history, many of today’s conservative leaders have reflected on Rancho del Cielo and Young America’s Foundation stewardship of this historic, Presidential property.

“Thank you for 20 years of leading and teaching conservatism to the next generation — important work that deserves to be recognized… I regularly remind anyone who will listen of President Reagan’s oft-cited wisdom: ‘Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction.’ With that in mind, thank you to the Foundation for the work you do in preserving the Ranch and upholding the values and leadership of President Reagan.”

—Senator Ben Sasse

“I want to congratulate the Young America’s Foundation on their 20th anniversary of saving President Reagan’s ranch home. President Reagan’s legacy is second to none. This home is undoubtably part of that legacy… All Americans are so fortunate, and grateful to you, that the foundation was able to save this historic landmark.”

—Speaker of the House Paul Ryan

“Twenty years ago, YAF and its generous supporters made history by acquiring President Ronald Reagan’s California ranch to preserve it as a legacy for future generations. The Reagan Ranch has since served as a wellspring for thousands of young conservatives. I’ve been fortunate to visit the Reagan Ranch on two occasions. It is a place that stirs the imagination with echoes of its extraordinary namesake.”

—Senator Ted Cruz

“Tonette and I have enjoyed several trips to the Reagan Ranch. Personally, I loved seeing where he signed the 1981 Economic Recovery Tax Act—the largest tax cut in American history…Thank you for the many years of devotion to providing valuable education and training to young people from across our country. Instilling in them the same optimism for America that President Reagan had is needed now more than ever.”

—Governor Scott Walker

“From my first visit to the Ranch, I have felt that it is an important place that must be preserved and that the young people of America need to experience it for themselves….Walking the Ranch with my wife and children has helped each of us remember what liberty really means and what it takes to defend, protect and preserve it…I invite you to join me in renaissance of American remembering by adding your voice and support for Young America’s Foundation and the Reagan Ranch.”

—Senator Mike Lee

“A national treasure, Rancho del Cielo, is an indelible reminder of America called to her highest and best. From the Ranch the world was pushed toward liberty. Preserving the ranch is in the global interest as well as the national interest. We all owe Young Americans [Foundation] a debt of gratitude for preserving this inspiring monument to greatness.”

—79thU.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft

“When I visited the ranch last year, I was able to gain a new appreciation for why President Reagan loved it so much. It is no coincidence that Rancho del Cielo is located as far away as possible from the nation’s Swamp. The support that Young America’s Foundation provides to conservative students is an inspiration to us all.”

—Senator Rand Paul

“The Reagan Ranch served as the ‘Western White House’ during President Reagan’s eight transformative years as President of the United States. Saving the Ranch has allowed a new generation of Americans to learn about the Reagan legacy and the conservative values that are the basis of American freedom.”

—Congressman Alex Mooney

“Rancho del Cielo offers the perfect opportunity to pass on to future generations Ronald Reagan’s ideas. In recent times, many once great conservative institutions have fallen into despair and disrepair. The one great exception to the decline of principled conservatism is YAF! YAF has risen to the challenge and now does more good than ever…I am both informed and proud to say that YAF is poised today to do what no other organization can do.”

—Dr. Art Laffer

“I applaud Young America’s Foundation for advancing your mission and preserving this most important and precious landmark. Your tireless work is much appreciated, and this well-deserved distinction is a testament to your dedication.”

—Senator Tim Scott

“Through the preservation of this historic property, Young America’s Foundation has made it possible for the memory and legacy of President Reagan to be remembered by young conservatives for years to come. By teaching young leaders President Reagan’s values and the lessons of his Presidency, the Foundation is helping ensure that America’s future is brighter than ever.”

—Congressman Patrick McHenry

“The fact that state and federal leaders refused to take care of Rancho del Cielo—while protecting many sites of less historic significance—was an unfortunate and sad commentary on the priorities of state and federal leaders,” remarked Young America’s Foundation President Ron Robinson. “When Young America’s Foundation stepped forward to save President Reagan’s Rancho del Cielo, we cemented a special and longstanding relationship between President Reagan and YAF. After working with Ronald Reagan to bring conservative ideas to young people around the country for decades, it was only natural for the Foundation to take up Reagan’s mantle and continue using his beloved ranch to ignite a spark in the lives of young people.”

Paired with YAF’s state-of-the-art conference space and museum galleries in downtown Santa Barbara, Young America’s Foundation’s Rancho del Cielo and Reagan Ranch Center are the largest conservative site on the West Coast.

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