Rupe Debate Series

Young America’s Foundation and the Arthur N. Rupe Foundation is excited to announce two more debates that will occur on college campuses this fall as part of the Great Debate Series.  Liz Cheney, Fox News Contributor and Robert Gibbs, senior advisor to Barack Obama will debate at Ball State University on October 1 and Senator Rick Santorum and Governor Howard Dean will appear October 18 at Cornell University.  We previously announced that John Stossel will debate Howard Dean at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill on September 20.  The debates will focus on the role of government in a free society. 

These events are part of a series of debates that will take place this fall featuring prominent conservative and liberal speakers on college campuses. When first announced, we intended to schedule only four programs. We are still evaluating the location for the fourth event, but because of increased interest we are excited to announce that we would like to schedule as many as six debates this fall.  Regardless of the outcome in November, students will pay closer attention to public policy than ever before. The goal of this series is to give thousands of students a chance to engage in the public policy process by hearing from prominent leaders of our country.

If you are interested in hosting this program on your campus this fall, please contact Patrick Coyle via email at or by phone at 800-872-1776.

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