A shameless vandal posted videos of himself tearing down posters advertising Robert Spencer’s November 14 YAF lecture at Stanford.

The video, posted to Snapchat, ends with a selfie accompanied by text that reads “PSA: plz go around and remove any islamaphobe invitations from your friendly college republicans”

Sadly, this student’s behavior is typical for those trained to lash out against speech, ideas, and people they disagree with after being conditioned by liberal professors.

Leftists at Stanford have played every dirty trick in the liberal playbook in attempts to prevent students from hearing Robert Spencer’s upcoming YAF lecture.

The school has barred the public from attending, banned live-streaming of the speech, and students have called for a phony referendum to withdraw duly-dispersed student funds from the event.

Do these ill-adjusted students even know what they’re protesting? Perhaps they need a reality check:

Robert Spencer is against throwing gay men off buildings. Does that make him hateful?

Robert Spencer is against using a truck to mow down bicyclists in Manhattan. Does that make him Islamaphobic?

Robert Spencer is against genital mutilation and justifying it by quoting Muhammad. Does that make him a bigot?

Robert Spencer is against stabbing people while screaming “Allahu Akbar.” And you’re against him?

Robert Spencer is against murdering people enjoying a quiet dinner just because they’re Jewish. Are you for that?

Campus leftists continue to be duped into liberal groupthink, fail to critically assess the messages they’re being fed by their biased administrators and professors, and end up reacting ridiculously to any differing ideas. Students who don’t believe Robert Spencer should be allowed to speak are, sadly, the ones who need to hear him most desperately.