By: Jacob Porwisz

Despite being one of the most active and successful student organizations on campus, administrators at Lake Forest High School in Illinois have decided to revoke the Young Americans for Freedom chapter charter at their school due to an alleged violation of pilot club rules.

The guidelines outline that all clubs must host at least one meeting a month according to their rules, and the chapter reportedly did not fulfill that requirement, due to COVID-19 restrictions.

A fair administration should do everything in its power to work with dedicated student organizations struggling through the unprecedented COVID-19 lockdowns, rather than being so quick to revoke a club’s charter.

Lake Forest High School has a history of stifling the conservative perspective more than most. It was a struggle even to get the group started. Through a Freedom of Information Act request, YAF uncovered that administrators at the school questioned whether or not the group was “appropriate for students,” and tried to connect the group to “extreme politics and ideals, mostly dealing with hate, racism, and homophobia.”

Even after the school recognized the group, the chapter was still given a hard time by administrators when it came to orchestrating events. When the chapter met with school administrators to discuss their upcoming 9/11: Never Forget Project, the school rejected their proposition, stating they had to use “city property.” It was the same answer when the chapter asked for permission to hang YAF’s Freedom Week posters.

This recent move by the administration represents a gross injustice to all conservative students at the school. YAF has served as the preeminent voice for conservative thought at LFHS for years. Because of YAF, countless students have been able to hear from speakers such as Rachel Campos-Duffy and Steve Forbes. Because of YAF, the voices of conservative students have reverberated throughout the school’s halls like never before. However, it seems like the school has no interest in helping foster a civil discourse at the school with this latest action against the chapter, even during an unprecedented school year.

“I’m extremely grateful that YAF is taking the time to look into this unfortunate decision despite all of the hard work and successes we have had as a club,” said Alisa Giannelli, a co-founder and former chairwoman of the Young Americans for Freedom chapter. “It is disheartening that even during a pandemic, the administration took the postures they did, but we are hopeful that YAF will discover the reasons behind this decision. I am positive that YAF will find options that exist in order for my younger classmates to be able to continue and enjoy all that this organization has to offer to students.”

Young America’s Foundation is 100% committed to helping chapters succeed against leftist biases present on campus. YAF has already begun an investigation into the school’s decision, inquiring to see if this rule was applied equally across all student organizations, and stands by to assist these students in every way possible.

Jacob Porwisz is the chapter chairman of College of Lake County YAF and serves as a William & Berniece Grewcock Intern Scholar at Young America’s Foundation this summer.