La Reina YAF at the RRCLast weekend, members of La Reina High School’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter toured both the Reagan Ranch and the Reagan Ranch Center as part of their first formal activity. 

You may recall that administrators at La Reina, an all-girl Catholic school in Thousand Oaks, California, barred the chair, Isabella Foxen, from forming a club on campus. At the time, Isabella was told by the principal that the school “did not feel the club fostered a balance(d) political perspective” and the school “currently do[es] not have a proposal for an organization that would present the liberal point of view.”

Isabella was not deterred from moving forward with her plans to start a YAF chapter despite the school’s objections. She recently held their first meeting and last weekend we were honored to welcome the YAF club to the Reagan Ranch and the Reagan Ranch Center. The club toured the exhibits at the Center and then they enjoyed lunch at the ranch and heard from John Barletta who protected President Reagan throughout his presidency. Isabella was presented with a special momento from the ranch to honor her efforts to have the club recognized. Following the presentation, members toured the ranch property. 

Isabella wrote following the tour, “Thank you for all the work that…the Foundation did to make today amazing. The girls all had a great time and said they can’t wait for the next meeting.” YAF continues to work with Isabella, her parents, and area supporters to demand that the school recognize the YAF chapter, and to not treat Isabella and her club members as second-class students. 

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