Flyers recently posted around the Univerisity of Kansas (KU) campus are conflating “opponents of safe spaces” with “neo-Nazis” and “hate groups.”

The flyers, which were spotted hanging in several campus buildings, equate conservative ideas directly with neo-Nazism.

For instance, after claiming “there has been a disturbing presence of neo-nazi and hate group recruitment” taking place on campus, the flyer says, “Opponents of safe spaces, inclusivity, social justice, intersectional activism, and multiculturalism are opponents of liberation and equality for all people.”

The flyer lists phrases like “Make America Great Again,” and “alternative truth,” alongside “alt right” and “anarcho-capitalist” in a list outlining examples of “coded language” used by “neo-nazis” and “hate groups.”

KU Young Americans for Freedom discovered the flyers early this week.

In a statement to Young America’s Foundation, KU YAF chair Gabe Lepinski remarked, “It’s extremely alarming that whoever made these fliers would lump opponents of safe spaces and social justice, or supporters of President Donald Trump, in with these toxic groups.”

It is unclear who is responsible for creating the flyers.

Given KU leftists’ well-documented inability to tolerate conservatism, this development should not come as a surprise. Last fall, videos of a progressive mob screaming in the faces of KU YAF members about “white supremacy” went viral online.

Note: The redacted words on the right side of the flyers appears on the original copies as hung on campus.