As the campus Left escalates their efforts to minimize the impact of conservative students and their ideas, Young America’s Foundation is excited to announce two new campus lecture tours beginning this fall featuring the Daily Wire’s Andrew Klavan and Michael Knowles.

Through this partnership, students are able to host either speaker for a reduced honorarium, in addition to receiving guidance and assistance from YAF’s activism experts to ensure their events have a significant impact.

Set to hit campuses this fall, YAF’s new “Klavan on the Culture on the Campus” and “Covfefe on Campus” tours will expose students to conservative ideas, force the Left to answer for their deeply flawed ideas, and restore some diversity to America’s colleges and universities. Both Klavan and Knowles have decades of experience breaking down the cultural significance of current events by cutting through hyperbole and sensationalism. Their experiences working within the entertainment industry bring added credibility to their arguments, and provide vital insight into the issues of the day.

“Klavan and Knowles are two of the most popular and in-demand conservative commentators in our movement today,” noted Young America’s Foundation Spokesman Spencer Brown. “We’re thrilled to partner with two of the Daily Wire’s most viral personalities and allow them to bring their conservative messages directly to young people on campuses across the country. Leftist intolerance is no match for the free and open exchange of ideas brought to campus by Young America’s Foundation.”

A prolific author, screenwriter, and commentator, Klavan’s ideas are a breath of fresh air on campuses where free speech has been stifled for far too long. In addition to numerous internationally bestselling crime novels, Klavan’s essays and op-eds on government, religion, and pop culture have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, New York TimesWashington PostLos Angeles Times, and elsewhere. “Klavan on the Culture on the Campus” will provide student audiences across the country with real history lessons and some much-needed context to the current climate on campuses and in our culture. Lecture topics include “Everything you know about western culture is wrong,” “Hollywood hates your guts,” and “It’s all fake news.”

“I’m grateful to YAF for this opportunity to poison the minds of America’s youth with forbidden ideas like liberty, virtue and limited government,” remarked Klavan. “Let the havoc ensue!”

A graduate of Yale and author of the #1 national bestselling treatise Reasons To Vote For Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide, Michael Knowles is currently the host of his eponymous show on the Daily Wire, focusing on the relationship between culture and public policy. He has performed in theater, TV, and cinema, recently starring in the feature-length comedy film Hollyweird. Knowles’ “Covfefe on Campus” tour will bring Michael’s no-nonsense style and critical analysis of the latest leftist fads to the campus quad. Topics include “How to write nothing and sell 100,000 copies,” “The simple joys of bring right,” “How to be a man when you look like a Maddow,” and “Why I’m on the wrong side of history class.”

“It’s an honor to partner with YAF, the oh-gee J. Press-clad campus counter-radicals since 1960,” said Knowles. “As ever-multiplying Deputy Assistant Deputy Deans of Inclusion and Sensitivity threaten free thought on campus, I look forward to discussing the eternal questions: politics, religion, and what covfefe really means.”

It’s no secret that today’s colleges and universities are rife with leftist professors and students whose goal is to marginalize and ostracize conservatives. From political correctness run amok to outright censorship, conservative ideas are rarely heard. The university has been abandoned by the Left as a venue for higher learning, and instead turned schools into indoctrination centers. Students who wish to hear conservative ideas have few opportunities to do so, but through Young America’s Foundation’s nationwide campus lecture program, students have the opportunity to bring ideological diversity to their campuses, push back against unhinged leftists, and create the free and open exchange of ideas that ought to be the trademark of education.

For additional information about YAF’s newest lecture tours featuring Andrew Klavan and Michael Knowles contact YAF Spokesman Spencer Brown via or 800-872-1776.