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January 01, 1970

2014 was packed with many victories for freedom lovers at colleges and universities nationwide. Young America’s Foundation (YAF) along with our chapter affiliate Young Americans for Freedom led the charge for the millennial generation and beyond. Through hundreds of on-campus lectures and activism initiatives YAF leaders reached thousands of new students. Many of them now believe passionately in conservative ideas and values. The multiple YAF conferences seminars and programs held this year helped greatly in strengthening their conservatism. This is a model for future success in bringing back America to its founding principles and benevolent heritage. We must continue to follow it closely throughout 2015 to ensure that the New Guard continues to grow ready to defend this special gift of freedom.

Don’t miss the chance to do your part this semester. The YAF Campus Lecture Program is an awesome way to publically debunk the liberal myths you’re likely fed inside classrooms. There’s not much better than seeing someone like: Allen West John Stossel Michelle Malkin or Walter Williams tear down your progressive teacher’s arrogant argument in front of all the students he or she has been attempting to brainwash. We stand ready to help financially and logistically!

Too you won’t want to skip out on all the good YAF projects coming up. Outside of those there will be numerous opportunities to attend our events at the Reagan Ranch YAF Headquarters and elsewhere. Remember that without your interest and efforts at school liberal bias would win and political correctness would soon take over. Take on this challenge and commandeer your abilities to continue the good fight for freedom and protect what we know is right in our hearts!

God bless and Happy New Year

-Sawyer Smith Program Officer

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