Today, a Rasmussen Report was released showing that Elena Kagan’s disapproval numbers have risen to 47%. Last week, that number was 39%. Clearly, our concerted “Keep Out Kagan” efforts are making progress.


Also, a USA TODAY poll revealed that Kagan’s approval ratings are the lowest of any recent nominee. While the media concluded weeks ago that Kagan’s nomination was inevitable (an “open and shut case,” if you will), they are now having second thoughts.

Kagan’s current approval number is 46% according to USA TODAY. Chief Justice John Roberts was viewed positively by 60% by the time he was confirmed in 2005, Clarence Thomas by 58% in 1991, Sonia Sotomayor by 55% when she was confirmed last year. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was favored by 53% in 1993 and Samuel Alito by 54% in 2006.

These numbers should come as no surprise to those who are familiar with Elena Kagan. Her resume-killing characteristics go on for miles:

The numbers, combined with her less than appealing history, will make for an interesting day come June 8.


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