Elena Kagan TeachingHow can it get any worse for President Obama after an oil spill that’s only growing, an unemployment rate that isn’t budging, and approval numbers that are only dwindling? Simple – opposition to his Supreme Court nominee is only growing.

The opposition to the radical leftist Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is mounting. The poll numbers are in, and clearly, the desire to “Keep Out Kagan” is higher than ever before.

According to a recent Rasmussen Poll, Kagan has a 47% unfavorable rating. That is the lowest of any recent nominee who was then later confirmed. Another recent Rasmussen Poll shows that only 39% of likely voters believe Kagan should be nominated.

As we reported last week, a USATODAY poll shows that Kagan’s approval ratings are the lowest of any recent nominee.

According to Gallup, only 40% of people have positive feelings toward her – a lower rating than Justice Roberts and Justice Sotomayor’s ratings.

Case and point: The American people are clearly not convinced Elena Kagan should be nominated to a lifelong position on the Supreme Court, and with good reason. She is wrong on students’ rights, wrong on government censorship, and wrong on military recruitment.

With all the evidence stacked up against her, why is she even being considered? Perhaps you can call the Congressional Switchboard on June 8 and ask your Senators. Oh, and be sure and tell them to, “Keep Out Kagan,” while you have them on the line.

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