Goldberg Crowd at UM

A packed hall of students and community members flooded a lecture hall at the University of Michigan to hear Jonah Goldberg speak on his book Liberal Fascism.
Of course, leading up the event the Left on campus couldn’t help themselves and tried to keep others from learning about Jonah’s appearance by tearing down a banner warning of the thought police on campus. The irony didn’t escape Jonah’s attention as he wrote about the event in his latest column in the LA Times:

I visited my father’s alma mater for the first time last week. The University of Michigan’s chapter of the Young Americans for Freedom invited me to give a speech. A banner warning the “thought police” of my imminent arrival was torn down, presumably by the irony-impaired thought police. 

The university has been in the news recently for such shenanigans and worse. For instance, student Omar Mahmood, a columnist for both the Michigan Daily and the conservative Michigan Review, was fired from the Daily for writing a parody piece for the Review about the oppression of the “left-handyd.” In the piece, Mahmood’s narrator takes a comment from a “white cis-gendered hetero upper-class man” as microaggression. “Behind his words I sensed a patronizing sneer, as if he expected me to be a spokespersyn for my whole race. He offered his hand to help me up, and I thought to myself how this might be a manifestation of the patriarchy patronizing me.

Jonah’s appearance was the latest successful event organized by the The University of Michigan Young Americans for Freedom (YAF).  The club has already organized a number of events on campus including the 9/11: Never Forget Project, Freedom Week, and No More Che Day. 

Intolerance towards those who hold conservative ideas occurs daily on most college campuses. Thankfully, there are groups such as YAF willing to expose these incidents and organize events that give others a chance to hear ideas not presented by their professors.

If you are feed up with the intolerant atmosphere on your campus, we can help! We can help you launch your own YAF chapter, or if you are already in an existing conservative club, we can help you host a conservative speaker. There is still time this spring to make a difference at your school. Contact us now!

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