My name is Lynndy Smith, and I serve on the board of the
conservative club at Amherst College. We have already emerged as a
major voice on our campus, despite being inactive just a few years
ago. Young America’s Foundation has been a major factor in our
YAF has proven to be an invaluable partner as our group has
actively sought to promote conservative ideals in our community.
YAF has helped us connect with and bring in many renowned speakers
such as Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, Dinesh D’Souza, and
Mosab Hassan Yousef. In fact, our event with the Speaker drew the
largest audience in recent campus history, gathered two standing
ovations, and received high praise from the Speaker himself.
Our efforts with YAF, however, are not limited to our campus or
even to the school year. Many of our members attend YAF conferences
throughout the country. Truly, these are a MUST for
young conservatives.
Last summer, I attended YAF’s National Conservative Student
Conference in Washington, D.C. My experience at the conference far
exceeded my high expectations. I expected to learn a great deal
from the conference, but did not anticipate- to be frank- how FUN
it would be.

I had been told about the tremendous speakers keynoting the
conference, but not about the amazing students I would meet there,
as well. I met students from across the United States and even the
United Kingdom- all of whom shared a common interest in promoting
conservative ideals on their respective campuses. Coming from a
liberal campus on which conservatives are strikingly outnumbered,
it was empowering to rally with other like-minded students around a
common goal. When we weren’t hearing from amazing speakers such as
Senator Ted Cruz and Tim Scott, Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich,
and former Treasurer of the United States Bay Buchanan, we were
free to explore the Nation’s Capital. Our days ranged from
listening to a lecture by Herman Cain in the morning and touring
the Smithsonian in the afternoon to chanting “Ronald Reagan” and
“U-S-A” while going out on the town at night.

YAF will not only help you discover better and more efficient ways
to promote conservatism, but will also help you to make great
friends and lifelong memories in the process. I highly encourage
all students interested in the Conservative Movement to attend a
YAF Conference this year.

For those that can’t devote the entire week to attending the
National Conservative Student Conference, I highly recommend
attending one of their regional conferences coming up in Nashua, New Hampshire and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Not only are these
conferences more accessible to students in New England and the
Midwest (and really across the country, as travel waivers are
available), but they are tremendously affordable.  The $20
price tag includes tuition, materials, 3 meals, and a night in the
conference hotel. 

Senator Ted Cruz just confirmed he will speak
at the New England Freedom Conference!  Also confirmed is
bestselling author and Jihad Watch director Robert
speaking on the threat of radical Islam, and
American Principles in Action director Steve
, and bestselling author, Townhall.com
columnist, and Fox News contributor Katie

Confirmed speakers for the Midwest Freedom Conference include:
Steve Lonegan, former Oklahoma Speaker of the House T.W. Shannon,
Congressman Sean Duffy, LIBRE Initiative spokeswoman Rachel Campos
, and Weekly Standard columnist and Fox
 contributor Steve Hayes.

The conferences take place from 6:00 on Friday evening to 5:00
on Saturday afternoon, and they are jam-packed with information,
inspiration, and fun!

But don’t take my word for it.  Attend a YAF Freedom Conference and see for yourself! 


Lynndy Smith

Lynndy Smith, originally from Glendale, Arizona, is a
conservative student activist at Amherst College in Amherst,


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