Following Thursday’s vote by the Senate Judiciary Committee to put Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination before the full Senate, Young America’s Foundation sent a petition to all U.S. senators urging them to do their job and confirm Judge Barrett.

This petition is signed by Young America’s Foundation’s national leadership and Young Americans for Freedom chapter chairmen from schools across the country. In addition to these YAF leaders, high school and college students from all fifty states also signed YAF’s petition, showing that the rising generation wants to ensure America’s precious freedoms are safeguarded from leftist infringement.

“Since Judge Barrett was announced as the nominee, Young America’s Foundation has rallied the rising generation to support her confirmation,” noted YAF Spokesman Spencer Brown. “With America’s freedoms and institutions under almost-constant attack by unhinged and insatiable leftists, it is crucial that our highest court issue decisions based on the Constitution, not personal feelings or the changing whims of woke mobs. The next generation—represented by students from all fifty states who signed on to YAF’s petition—knows Amy Coney Barrett will interpret the Constitution as it was written and administer justice fairly.”


In addition to signing YAF’s petition, YAF activists from coast to coast have been rallying support among their peers for the confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett.


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