Ahead of Thursday’s Young America’s Foundation lecture with Jesse Watters at Ithaca College, one leftist student has taken it upon himself to attack Watters, the conservative students hosting the event, and America’s founders.

“This is a disgusting representation of Ithaca College. Join me in taking action against this event and against bringing speakers to campus that promote HATRED,” the student wrote in an email to Ithaca College administrators.

Watters’ lecture is titled, “American Exceptionalism: What Makes America Great,” a fact student Robert Mantell evidently finds unpalatable.

“god didn’t create America you dumbasses,” Mantell commented on the event page for Watters’ lecture. “It was a bunch of white people that oppressed an entire culture.”

His comment was met with opposition from others who pointed out so-called white privilege is a myth and added anecdotes supporting the fact that America is an exceptional nation with rights and freedoms lacking in many other countries.

After being called out, Mantell sent an email to administrators claiming that he was being attacked.

“I am hurt, offended, and disgusted…and want answers,” Mantell whined.

In other posts, the “hurt” student calls Jesse Watters “so gross” and asks “protest anyone?” trying to stir up resistance to the Fox News host famous for his man-on-the-street interviews.

Mantell rants that the men who created America “exercised their white privilege to wipe out entire populations OR exploit them for slave work in the process,” seemingly unaware that the greatness of America, in part, allows him to inaccurately criticize that same greatness.