Ithaca College A new study conducted by conservative students at Ithaca College has revealed a troubling lack of
intellectual diversity amongst its faculty. An investigation into the voter
identification of the faculty shows that Democrats and Greens compose 92.1
percent of Ithaca College’s faculty, contrasted with 7.9 percent
Republicans and Conservatives. 

Foundation activist Robert Oliver found no registered Republicans in the departments of
Politics, History, Philosophy and Religion, Sociology, and English,
creating a very one-sided view of these fields of study.

Ithaca College has a commitment to
diversity, specified in the college’s mission statement, that calls for a
diverse body of both students and faculty. The study indicates a clear trend in the
faculty; one which has not changed since a similar study was first conducted by Foundation alumni and Ithaca College Graduates, Michelle Meredith and Roger Custer in 2003. 

In Ithaca College’s strategic vision for the current decade, IC
20/20 Vision and Plan, states, “Every Ithaca College student
should graduate with a multi-cultural competence that prepares them
to live and work effectively and in harmony within a diverse
society and an increasingly interdependent global community.” Robert Oliver questions the schools commitment to true intellectual diversity, “how are we preparing our students to live in
a diverse society when we are disregarding the perspective of over
42 percent of the nation’s population? Further, what is so diverse
about a community who all thinks the same?”

Robert and his club are calling for
a true commitment to intellectual diversity and presenting students
with diverse viewpoints enabling them to be best-prepared in a
world where we must come together and understand both sides of the
spectrum. They are challenging the college to bringing conservative
speakers, add more conservative coursework, and even creating a
Center for the Study of Intellectual Diversity.

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