Stossel at PBAUBy: Sawyer Smith

What an awesome feeling it was to watch John Stossel speak to
more than 300 attendees at Palm Beach Atlantic University this
spring. I will never forget introducing him at the podium and all
the hype leading up to the big moment. It was a gorgeous Friday
afternoon and the beach less than one mile away yet students,
faculty, administrators and community members poured into the venue
after a long week. Given the incredible buzz, one would have
thought this event had been planned for months.

That was not the case at all. Just six days earlier we confirmed
with Stossel that he would address our campus. Even though our
newly found Young Americans for Freedom chapter was low in numbers,
it was strong in spirit. This would be our first real event and
exactly the type we had in mind. So late in the game, the
circumstances called for a miracle but, with the help of those at
Young America’s Foundation (YAF) and the Rinker School of Business
(RSB), we proved, it can be done. We put on a program that most
certainly made an impact on all of us.

All week long, stress levels were very high considering our
small team had to wear many different hats to carry out important
tasks. Leading such an effort was a giant responsibility and being
the key organizer while balancing classwork equated to a 60 hour
work period, if not more. I worked closely with Pat Coyle, VP at
YAF and Dr. Leslie Turner, Dean of RSB. Accomplishing such an event
would not have been possible without both of them. In the end all
the effort we put towards this lecture paid off. With all the
cameras rolling, Stossel gave a stellar presentation on the ideas
of limited government, personal freedom, free-market enterprise and
of course, his two cents on libertarianism. Following the formal
ceremonies, our members and select folks from the school had the
chance to hang out with Stossel. He was well received by

I could truly write much more of what was an amazing effort put
forth by just a few key people. However, this post is only to
encourage you that even with odds not in your favor, if you are
seriously committed to moving forward conservative ideas on your
campus; it can be done through hard work, creativity and
communication. Your club may not be as strong as you would like,
but that does not mean you cannot have strong showings and do great
things. Believe that doing so is possible if you take the
initiative to change the dynamics of your university. If
successful, increased interest, more funding and energized
membership will follow. After it is over, you will enjoy, as I did
the benefits. Here is an email I received from a student that was
influenced and persuaded to join our chapter after attending our

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