UPDATE 03/22/2023: As of this update, 37 W&L professors have signed the letter in addition to the existing student signatures.

Just over a week ahead of Matt Walsh’s next stop on his popular “What is a Woman?” campus lecture tour presented by Young America’s Foundation, leftists at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia, penned a letter calling on administrators to “prevent Matt Walsh from speaking” on campus.

The leftist students began their letter by expressing disappointment that the university approved a speaker event that provides a “one-sided platform for harmful ideologies.” 

The radicals fail to elaborate on why they believe that the simple biological reality that men cannot become women and women cannot become men is “harmful.” Nor do they explain their stance that conservative opinions must never be spoken unless balanced out by a leftist opinion. They also conveniently leave out the fact that W&L frequently hosts guest lectures and student programs that offer only the Left’s perspective on some of the most important issues America faces today. There have been more than a dozen such events throughout the past school year. Only one event throughout the past year, a panel on the Dobbs victory in the Supreme Court, featured a conservative perspective.

The letter calling for the cancellation of Walsh’s lecture received a total of 164 signatures – a small, roughly 8-percent portion of the university’s enrollment of nearly 2,000 undergraduates.

These intolerant leftists aren’t only interested in defaming Matt Walsh. They’re also going after the conservative students who are hosting the event on campus. 

The Radish, a leftist campus publication, published an article attempting to defame the character of the conservative student group’s leaders. 

“Banning, canceling, or tearing down posters representing opposing perspectives is never the solution,” Henry Haden, one of the event organizers said in a statement to the New Guard. “Understanding should be sought through dialogue and discourse. All who would like to challenge Matt Walsh’s viewpoints are more than welcome to do so during the question-and-answer session immediately following his speech,” he continued.

Walsh’s national campus lecture tour has faced countless protests and disruptors throughout the past six months – but they’ve never stopped him from sharing his important message with students, and they won’t stop him now. 

Free tickets for the Thursday, March 30 at 7:30 PM lecture can be reserved here.