GroupMore than 120 participants from around the country will attend Young America’s Foundation’s 4th annual Reagan Ranch High School Conference. Speakers include Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, best-selling author and President Reagan’s son Michael Reagan, presidents and executives of conservative colleges, acclaimed author and actor Joseph Phillips, best-selling author Robert Spencer, and Hillsdale Professor Burt Folsom, among others.  The conference will take place at the Reagan Ranch Center in downtown Santa Barbara.


This year’s conference includes a meeting of conservative college presidents and executives which will run concurrently with the student sessions.  The opening banquet on Thursday, March 11, will feature the leaders from six conservative colleges who will be recognized as part of the Young America’s Foundation 2009-2010 Top Conservative College list.  The entire list will be released at the conference. 


Conference sessions will be streamed online at throughout the conference, and updates will be posted on our twitter account @yaf.  

“Young people are fed up with large government solutions and looking for other options.  The demand is so strong that we are fully subscribed for this program,” remarked Roger Custer, Young America’s Foundation’s conference director.  “The Reagan Ranch High School Conference assembles some of the best and brightest minds in the Conservative Movement to offer real solutions to today’s problems and gain inspiration from Reagan’s ranch.”

Who: Young America’s Foundation

What: Reagan Ranch High School Conference

When: March 11 – March 13, 2010

Where: Reagan Ranch Center, 217 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101


The schedule is below. Members of the media are encouraged to contact Patrick Coyle at 703-472-6773 or for more information.


Thursday, March 11


7:45 p.m. PT               Promising Choices in Higher Education

Presentation of 2009-2010 Top Conservative College List

Remarks by:    Dr. Richard Jewell, president, Grove City College, Dr. Jerry Davis, president, College of the Ozarks, Dr. Gary Quinlivan, dean, McKenna School, Saint Vincent College, Dr. Graham Walker, president, Patrick Henry College, Dr. Glen Dillard, assistant vice president, Harding University, Charles McKinney, vice president, Thomas More College, and Andrew Coffin, vice president, Young America’s Foundation


Friday, March 12


9:00 a.m. PT                Michael Reagan, best-selling author and son of President Reagan

                                    Topic:   Lessons from my Father, Ronald Reagan


10:00 a.m. PT              Kirby Wilbur, director of Americans for Prosperity in Washington State

                                    Topic:   Faith and the Founding Fathers


11:00 a.m. PT              John Barletta, President Reagan’s Secret Service agent and author

                                    Topic:   Riding with Reagan: Stories from the Ranch


7:45 p.m. PT                Robert Spencer, publisher of Jihad Watch and author

                                    Topic:   Introduction to the Koran and Radical Islam

Saturday, March 13


9:00 a.m. PT                Dr. Burt Folsom, professor at Hillsdale College and author

                                    Topic:  New Deal or Raw Deal: Evaluating Government Spending


10:00 a.m. PT              Dr. Laura Freberg, professor at Cal Poly San Louis Obispo

                                    Topic:  What to Expect in College: Tales of a Conservative Professor     


11:00 a.m. PT              Joseph Phillips, actor and author of He Talk Like A White Boy

                                    Topic:   Race in America Today           


12:45 p.m. PT              U.S. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher

                                     Topic:   The Status of Freedom                        


2:00 p.m. PT                Dr. Burt Folsom, professor at Hillsdale College and author

                                     Topic: Myth of the Robber Barons


3:00 p.m.                     Patrick X. Coyle, Vice President, Young America’s Foundation

                                     Topic:  Making a Difference on Campus:  Activism Tips for You


For further information or to schedule an interview call Patrick Coyle at (703) 472-6773 or



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