Young Americans for Freedom at Gettysburg College spent the 2015-2016 school year fielding nonstop attacks from aggressive campus leftists like pros, catapulting their fight for free speech to the attention of the entire school.

From being called a “hate group,” to having slam poetry performed about their group, Gettysburg YAF has seen it all.

Now Inside Higher Ed is highlighting how their activism resulted in the university’s decision to institute new policies reaffirming its commitment to free speech. Unfortunately, however, one particular change implemented by the school is still troubling. As noted by The College Fix, Gettysburg’s new “bias response team” is is just another bizarre leftist strategy to police conservative student activists.

Undeterred, Gettysburg YAF chairwoman Alissa Lopez told Inside Higher Ed, “You can’t silence us, and shove us into a corner, and tell us to be quiet.”

That’s an attitude conservative students around the country should embrace as well.

Major congrats to Alissa and her entire chapter for their bold and tireless activism.