When the Young Americans for Freedom chapter at the University of Wisconsin—Madison announced they’d be hosting YAF alumna Katie Pavlich on October 10, wing nut leftists didn’t take long to plan a ridiculous protest. The “cocks not glocks” crowd announced “The Bonerfide Penis Arts Fest,” to be held at the same time Pavlich, a Fox News contributor and New York Times bestselling author, will be speaking.

In a statement issued by Katherine Kerwin, a self proclaimed “student activist” and Cocks Not Glocks organizer announced the protest wherein “activists on campus will be using dildos to draw attention to the absurd potential of guns on campus.”

The official Facebook event for the leftists’ party baselessly calls YAF an “alt-right student org” and accuses YAF of attempting to divide the student body, before decrying Pavlich’s statement “that rape and campus sexual assault can be prevented by carrying firearms” (spoiler alert: they do prevent assault) and claiming that one in four women—yes 25%—at the University of Wisconsin’s Madison campus are victims of sexual assault.

“Tie that dildo to your backpack and wear it proudly to class every day,” the event description continues. “If people think taking loaded guns to class is socially acceptable, harmless vibrating toys should be too.”

As always, the YAFers at UW-Madison are taking the laughable leftist plan in stride: “We deserve the right to free speech and expression. We should be able to discuss relevant issues on campus, regardless of how anyone—including University officials—feels about those issues.”

“We are bringing Ms. Pavlich to speak on the right we have, as stated by the Constitution, to bear arms,” a statement from UW-Madison YAF continues. “Women (and men as well), have the freedom to be able to protect themselves from danger with this right.”

UW-Madison YAF is continuing to build on their success after hosting other leading conservatives including Steve Forbes, Dinesh D’Souza, and Ben Shapiro in previous semesters. Careful observers will remember Ben Shapiro’s lecture was disrupted by protestors who ridiculously claimed Ben Shapiro was a neo-Nazi and temporarily took over the stage while police stood by and did nothing to protect conservatives’ rights. The YAFers’ bold and unwavering commitment to sharing their ideas led Wisconsin legislators to take up a free speech bill to protect all students’ rights to share their ideas on Wisconsin campuses.

We call on University of Wisconsin administrators and authorities to protect the First Amendment rights of Katie Pavlich, UW-Madison YAF, and the students who wish to hear conservative ideas next week.