Last week several business school deans participated in a panel on Race & Business. This hour long discussion highlighted how business schools have shifted their main focus from providing an excellent business education to teaching the leftist terms of choice today. Scott Derue, who is the dean at the Ross School of Business, said that “racial justice and other forms of justice are a core part of our mission.”

It is worth considering what these schools consider to be racial justice. Last month, the University of Michigan apologized after it was found that the school created segregated online ‘cafes’ for minority and white students to interact online. Is segregation what is meant by ‘racial justice’?

This school sponsored segregation is becoming a pattern. Thanks to YAF’s Campus Bias Tip Line, YAF uncovered this month that both the University of Kentucky and UC Davis (neither school participated in the recent panel) were segregating Resident Assistant training based on race. As universities emphasize race more and more, it is not surprising to see students begin to sort themselves based on their skin color. Back in February, a viral video from the University of Virginia, which participated in the recent panel, showed a student complaining that there were “too many white people” in their Multicultural Student Center. The emphasis on leftist buzzwords is worsening the educational experience and creating the opposite effect of what those who want to promote racial harmony intend.

Fortunately, YAF lectures provide an alternative for students who want an education that isn’t just leftist slogans. YAF conferences provide students with the opportunity to hear from leaders like former CEO Andy Puzder make the case for free enterprise and entrepreneurship, Dr. Walter Williams defend individual liberty in the marketplace, or Dr. Arthur Laffer explain many of the fallacies regarding tax rates and economic growth. Take a stand against so-called “wokeness.”