It’s no secret that most universities in America have a leftist bent.

While schools such as Hillsdale College or Liberty University may seem to be the best option for conservative students seeking a sense of community and shared educational values, students should not rule out attending a school that may be known for its liberal leanings.

I attended one of the most liberal, politically active schools in the country–The George Washington University–located in the heart of Washington, D.C. Professors know their students are mostly liberal activists, so they make no attempts to hide their bias and never expect pushback to their claims in class.

I had no idea just how liberal GW was going to be when I arrived my freshman year. In search of some conservative presence, I found refuge in the GW Young America’s Foundation chapter. Though conservative students may have been outnumbered on campus, our chapter was mighty. From bringing the leading figures in the Conservative Movement, including Ben Shapiro and Steve Forbes, to hosting activism events and hanging flyers on important issues including abortion, that dominated campus news coverage (and yes, even the school’s meme page), our goal was to expose as many students as possible to the conservative ideas missing from their educations.

After just a few months with YAF, I grew energized to ensure the liberal narrative would be challenged on GW’s campus. I became an outspoken critic of many of my professors’ assertions during class. I was no longer afraid to stand up to ridiculous claims and gross mischaracterizations of history and conservatives. I attended liberal and progressive student groups’ events, inviting them to YAF’s events to ensure that there was an open dialogue of perspectives on both sides.

Being surrounded by people who are constantly questioning your views will only make you stronger in your beliefs and encourage you to become a bold advocate for the views that aren’t being heard on your campus. You will begin to understand the Left’s key arguments on issues like free speech, guns, taxes, and abortion–subsequently you will be able to effectively refute these arguments with facts, truths, and your own time-tested views.

We, as conservatives, cannot sit back and criticize the ideological demise of higher education while doing nothing to fix it. We must not shy away from inserting ourselves into situations where our every last viewpoint is challenged.

While conservative schools do a much better job at bringing ideological diversity into the classroom, I gained much knowledge, courage, and insight through my education spent in the trenches defending my beliefs.

Of course, attending a liberal college isn’t for everyone. You must be prepared to forego learning from well-rounded, open-minded professors, and be well-read enough to do your own research going in to supplement your education. If you are not staunch in your conservative views, you may be easily persuaded by these leftist professors–thus it is essential you have a deep understanding of what it means to be a conservative before entering the gates of liberal universities.

Liberal schools are unintentionally creating more effective conservative activists, armed with knowledge of the Left’s arguments and tactics which they have used for decades to brainwash college students with inaccurate and textbook leftist talking points.

Conservative students must not be afraid of entering hostile territory. Learning their game is key to taking back higher education from the Left.