Two years ago, I signed up for Bellarmine College Prep’s Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter and attended my first YAF conference at the Reagan Ranch in Santa Barbara. The experience was truly life changing. After listening to amazing speakers like Michael Reagan, I knew the Conservative Movement and YAF were where I belonged. After that conference, I was inspired to become a YAF activist on my campus.


I attend a very liberal high school in one of the most liberal areas of California, a school where conservatives are silenced and ostracized. However, thanks to the great support of YAF, our chapter has been able to fight back against the overwhelming liberal bias on campus and teach students about conservative principles.

Our chapter has put on various projects such as the 9/11 Never Forget Project, Freedom Week, and various tabling events. As a result, conservatism on campus has spread exponentially in just the last two years. Our chapter membership has swelled and as more and more students realize that what they have been taught by their liberal and socialist teachers is wrong. This has all been possible due to the amazing support given to us activists by Young America’s Foundation. Now because of YAF, conservative students on campus have an unprecedented voice to speak out and stand up against the liberal indoctrination that is far too common in many schools across America.

Diego is currently a leader in Bellarmine YAF and will be attending George Washington University in the fall.