This week Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) activists at the University of Central Florida (UCF) held a socialist bake sale on campus to educate their peers on ucfbakesale2how the evils of socialism directly affects every day decisions.

Chairman Carter Lankes said that UCF YAF was inspired to have this bake sale after a tabling event earlier this semester in which they discovered that while many students said they liked socialism, upon further discussion a majority their values actually aligned with free market and entrepreneurial principles.

During the socialist bake sale, students purchased baked goods with the assumption they would receive the entire item. Upon receiving payment, UCF YAFers would cut the baked good in half, return one piece to the buyer, and redistribute the other half to someone who didn’t pay, eat it themselves, or throw it in the bushes.

With such an unconventional activism project UCF YAF was bound to get a variety of responses. Lankes said that many students passing by “either laughed or didn’t know what was going on so we explained to them this is how socialism basically works. You give the government your money and they decide how to redistribute it.”


As the visible presence of the conservative movement on their campus, YAFers effectively made students stop and think about the economic system so widely supported at UCF. Through their socialist bake sale UCF YAF was able to poke fun at the left, promote capitalism, and leave a lasting impact on their campus.

 Lauren McCue is Program Officer for Chapter Services at YAF.