For their determination and leadership in the face of adversity, Young America’s Foundation recognizes the Young Americans for Freedom chapter at Hononegah Community High School (HCHS YAF) as the chapter of the month for May.

The Left’s usual attempts to chip away at Second Amendment freedoms reached fever pitch this spring as teachers and activists organized walkouts, using high school students as pawns in their attempts to take away the constitutional rights of millions of Americans. Rather than offering a balanced discussion that included the importance of the Second Amendment, school-organized protests revolved around vilifying the Second Amendment and any who support it. Predictably, mainstream media failed to cover the stories of conservative high school students who support the Second Amendment, and leftist administrators declined to support conservative students’ efforts to educate their peers on the significance of the Second Amendment.

HCHS YAF, and Young Americans for Freedom chapters nationwide, worked hard to ensure that the conservative perspective on the Second Amendment was heard at their schools with new pro-Second Amendment activism initiatives launched by Young America’s Foundation.

HCHS YAF in particular made an impact at their school by organizing activities to educate their classmates on the importance of the Second Amendment and motivate them to voice their concern for the Left’s attacks on the right to self-defense. To capitalize on their efforts, the chapter planned a pro-Second Amendment walkout in response to the walkout staged weeks before by leftist students. Unlike the anti-Second Amendment protests, HCHS YAF’s walkout was organized by students, for students. HCHS YAF showed their community that conservative students do exist at their school, and they are ready, willing, and able to boldly support the Constitution.

In the weeks leading up to the walkout, the chapter spent time informing their peers of YAF’s support for the Second Amendment by posting flyers at their school, handing out YAF materials, and holding meetings to discuss the importance of the Second Amendment. HCHS YAF then built grassroots support for their pro-Second Amendment walkout using social media. This ignited a frenzy of excitement at their school and many students rushed to join the YAFers in their endeavor.

On the day of the walkout, over 75 students joined together with signs and chants of support for the Second Amendment and America. Before the YAF chapter took this bold stand for Second Amendment freedoms, students were afraid to express their conservative views, fearing that their leftist peers would bully and chastise them. However, HCHS YAF’s activities emboldened their fellow conservatives and created a platform to support conservative thought and enable students to freely exchange ideas. As HCHS YAF chair Cruz Maquis explained, “The entire school was ablaze with praise for YAF after the walkout.”

Hononegah Community High School Young Americans for Freedom organized an impactful initiative that provided conservative students with a visible presence in their community and energized their peers to stand up for the Constitution. For this reason, we congratulate HCHS YAF on being selected as May’s Chapter of the Month.

The following members of HCHS YAF were also instrumental in the chapter’s success:

  • Jack Laub
  • Madison Oster
  • Austyn Reeves