by Nathan Brand

ArnnHillsdaleThatcherThe Hillsdale College Young Americans for Freedom
chapter hosted college President Larry Arnn to join with students
in remembering the legacy of Margaret Thatcher. Gathering at noon
on a gorgeous spring afternoon, over two hundred students filled
into the quad to hear from President Arnn as he shared stories from
his friendship with Lady Thatcher. Though, he refused to caller her
a “friend,” because that implied that they were equals. He
considered himself an “admirer.”  

Margaret Thatcher is very important to Hillsdale College, and
our Hillsdale YAF chapter wanted to make sure that students are
aware of her importance. The school dedicated a statue, the only
one in North America, to her in 2008

The Hillsdale Young Americans for Freedom chapter was very
happy to partner with the Hillsdale College administration to
remember one of the world’s greatest champions of

Nathan Brand is the chairman of Hillsdale Young Americans for Freedom.
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