YAF BrandYoung Americans for Freedom (YAF), the chapter affiliate of
Young America’s Foundation, is proud to announce that
Nathan Brand, YAF Chapter Chair at Hillsdale
College, has been added to the national Young Americans for Freedom
Board of Governors. 

Nathan has been involved in Young America’s Foundation programs
since high school. Last year, he launched the YAF chapter at
Hillsdale and quickly built the group to become one of the largest
and most active groups on campus. Through his leadership, the
Hillsdale YAF chapter has organized lectures featuring
Michael Medved and Katie Pavlich and campus activism initiatives including the
9/11: Never Forget Project and Freedom Week. Nathan
has also brought many members of his chapter to Foundation
conferences and other conservative events around the

The Board of Governors is the national advisory board for YAF
chapters and was formed following the unification of Young
America’s Foundation and Young Americans for Freedom. The goal of
the board is to give successful YAF leaders a voice to provide
compelling and effective guidance that can be implemented on a
national level. 

Of his appointment to the YAF board, Brand said, “I am honored
and thrilled to accept the invitation to serve on the Young
Americans for Freedom Board of Governors. I am excited to work with
other board members to make Young Americans for Freedom stronger
and help provide a vision for the future of the Conservative
Movement. Ultimately, I think Young Americans for Freedom provides
an opportunity for young conservatives to make a difference on
their campuses and communities, and I am grateful to be a part of
such a wonderful organization.” 

Michael Jones, chairman of the YAF Board of
Governors noted, “We are pleased to welcome Nathan Brand to the
Young Americans for Freedom Board of Governors. Nathan’s experience
as a conservative leader at Hillsdale College will further serve to
advance YAF’s commitment to conservative principles and meet the
demands of our increasing chapter numbers across the

Young Americans for Freedom currently has more than 125 chapters
on high school and college campuses nationwide. 

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