We know students nationwide are home from school, self-quarantining from COVID-19. YAF is here to help you find ways to fill your time with conservative ideas–this time, with some of the best conservative books to inspire your activism and fight for freedom!

#11- Grace Canceled by Dana Loesch

Dana Loesch tackles outrage culture in her new book, calling out Americans who have become obsessed with tribalism and stoking the fire.

#10- Animal Farm by George Orwell

This masterpiece from George Orwell is a great indictment of communism, showing how an animal revolution mirrors the Russian Revolution and just how bad big government can get.

#9- The Case Against Socialism by Sen. Rand Paul

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul gives a strong case for the free markets over socialism, in an easy to read, in-depth analysis.

#8- Conscience of a Conservative by Barry Goldwater

Barry Goldwater’s book depicts the conservative position on key issues like education, labor unions and policies, taxation, and more. It laid the ground for the 1980’s Reagan Revolution.

#7- With All Due Respect by Nikki Haley

Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley offers a first-hand perspective of her time in the Trump administration facing some of the most difficult national and international issues of the current age.

#6-The Right Side of History by Ben Shapiro

The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro gives readers a strong reminder that anti-West rhetoric is unfounded, and nearly everything good in the world has happened because of people believing in Judeo-Christian values.

#5- Race and Culture by Thomas Sowell

Thomas Sowell offers decades of research in this book that defends the idea that cultural capital has far more of an effect on minorities’ economic success than politics or prejudice.

#4- Who Stole Feminism by Christina Hoff Sommers

YAF speaker and author Christina Hoff Sommers examines how radical feminists have hijacked the movement in an attempt to shame and demonize men.

#3-Church of Cowards by Matt Walsh

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh attempts to reach complacent Christians in a rousing call to the adventure of a living faith, rather than going through the motions and harboring an ignorance of scripture.

#2- Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg

The Dispatch’s Jonah Goldberg highlights how the Left has hijacked the term fascist in the current ideological age, and exposing the true criminals of liberal fascism.

#1-Profiles in Corruption by Peter Schweizer

YAF Board Member and alumnus Peter Schweizer exposes the corruption of the Left in his brand new book, describing years of patterns of abuse and power-grabbing tactics liberals have used to their own political advantage.