Young Americans for Freedom at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro are facing the wrath of the woke mob trying to ban them from campus—for saying that men can’t become women.

On February 3, UNCG’s YAF chapter posted a photo of Ben Shapiro with a quote that read “Men cannot become women. Women cannot become men. Men who believe they are women are not real women.”

Soon after, leftists across the university began collectively melting down. Interestingly enough, none of them could explain how the statement was untrue (because it’s not).

A university department’s social media account even got involved, commenting in response to a student and claiming that the school said YAF is not recognized as a student organization.

When YAF reached out to the Dean of Students’ office to verify what the Department of Women and Gender Studies is claiming, they said they hadn’t spoken to anyone regarding the organization and referred YAF to the Office of Campus Activities and Programs.

Students also started a petition to have YAF “disbanded” at the school because of their “bigoted conservative ideology.” One student urged others to sign so they could “get their asses out of here.”

Screenshots from the Student Government Association’s (SGA) groupchat showed a number of students claiming that YAF is violating the school’s policies against discrimination and harassment.

“I can definitely reach out to our advisors on SGA’s behalf and express concern about the organization’s noncompliance with the anti-discrimination clause…” one student said to the group.

One student claimed he had orchestrated hundreds of people to report the UNCG YAF account, “Yea I had almost 200 people doing it and it didn’t get banned.”

On social media, leftists were in an uproar, calling UNCG YAF “transphobic” among other things, all for stating an unrefutable biological truth.

Students even attempted to organize a protest for Friday, but cancelled it soon after. “We are currently working with the SGA on campus to implement permanent legislative protections against hate speech and other discrimination from groups on campus,” read a post from @UNCG_memes on Instagram. They further urged students to attend the upcoming Tuesday SGA meeting.

UNCG YAF Chairwoman Negar Jadidi told YAF that she is utterly disappointed in the students at her school.

“Our Student Government is composed of leftist activists who claim to represent  all students but have no problem bad-mouthing conservative students.”

“We expect UNCG to affirm our rights to free speech and to condemn the despicable behavior depicted by student government members,” she added.

The university did not respond to YAF’s requests for comment in time for publication.

It has never been more apparent just how brainwashed and delusional campuses are becoming across the country. It is an undeniable fact that there are two genders: men and women, and you cannot become another gender. They might not like it, but the facts are on our side. When facing the mob of angry and incoherent leftists, conservatives can never give up.