hartwick JBUBy: Jiesi Zhao, Esq. 

This week, Founder & Director of Marketing for SURFSET Fitness and successful Shark Tank contestant, Sarah Hartwick, spoke to students at John Brown University (JBU) and spent the day giving advice to entrepreneurial students throughout campus.

Young America’s Foundation’s Center for Entrepreneurship & Free Enterprise collaborated with JBU’s Soderquist College of Business to host the event as the business school launched its new entrepreneurship minor.

Prior to the keynote lecture, Sarah spent the afternoon taking questions from students in a social entrepreneurship class. She talked about having passion for their projects and the importance of “carving [your] own paths.”

“Meeting Sarah gives me confidence that I can be an entrepreneur, too,” said Josiah Wadsack, a senior at JBU.

Students and faculty, including JBU’s President, also had the opportunity to test out SURFSET’s on-land surfboard throughout the day.

During the keynote presentation, Sarah focused on the details of starting a business and on overcoming the inevitable obstacles that startups face.

Sarah shared her perspective of not being afraid to compete in a market with big players and how bringing her product directly to consumers gave her company an edge in the fitness industry.

She showed that “entrepreneurs are not just business students, but anyone with a passion… it takes guts. This encourages me because it’s proof that you can be successful if you have passion and drive,” said Ben Lee, a senior at JBU.

Young America’s Foundation’s Free Enterprise Lecture Series featuring speakers like Sarah Hartwick reaches thousands of students each year to inspire them with the importance and inherent value of entrepreneurs being able to compete in a free market system.



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