Leftists at CommencementPresident Obama has made a point of targeting young people. During the campaign and continuing through his presidency, Barack Obama has held rallies repeatedly on college campuses to push his socialist agenda.

Now his administration is looking beyond college campuses and is targeting high schools as well. Tomorrow, the White House will announce which high school “wins”a commencement address featuring President Obama for their Race to the Top High School Commencement Challenge. Furthermore, the five other finalists will receive another high-ranking official from the Obama administration.

Leftists speaking at commencement is nothing new. In fact, over the last 17 years, Young America’s Foundation has been documenting how liberal speakers dominate graduation ceremonies. Without fail, a disproportionate number of commencement speakers at our nation’s top colleges and universities have been liberal ideologues, big donors to liberal causes, and members of the “drive-by” media.

Last year, after surveying the commencement speakers at America’s Using U.S. News & World Report’s ranking of the nation’s top 100 colleges and universities, Young America’s Foundation found only five recognizable to barely-recognizable conservatives at the nation’s leading universities.

Stay tuned because Young America’s Foundation will announce the results of this year’s survey shortly.

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