The George Washington University’s Sociology department apologized to its students Wednesday for an email that publicized a police recruitment fair for GW students.

Hiromi Ishizawa, the chair of the sociology department, noted she was “deeply sorry we caused pain and confusion” by sending the recruitment fair information to its students.

“Recently, an email which advertised a police recruitment fair was shared through our listserv,” Ishizawa wrote. “Our routine practice of merely forwarding information hurt many people in this context of national and international focus on police violence and police abuses, especially against Black people.”

She went on to clarify that the department was not sponsoring or associated with the event in any capacity.

“Our Department’s programs and classes provide students with knowledge and analytical tools to understand and improve society, including to research, recognize, and redress systematic inequalities and injustice…Current events have solidified our continued and renewed commitment to challenge ourselves and our students to be part of ending systemic racism, state violence, and other inequities.”

This apology is beyond asinine. As an academic department on campus, GW’s sociology department has an obligation to inform its students of professional career development opportunities. With current national unrest, many students now more than ever may want to consider entering the public safety sector to work and heal the divide between communities. By apologizing for even mentioning a law enforcement job fair, GW’s academics are doing a shameful disservice to its students in a sad attempt to sow division.