Coulter at GWUIt is amazing (and sad) how liberals get so outraged whenever a speaker appears on campus who dares argues a viewpoint that is different from their own. Instead of rationally debating, their knee-jerk reaction is to ban them.

The latest instance follows Ann Coulter’s speech last week at The George Washington University as part of the Reagan 100 Lecture Series. During the question and answer session, Ann was asked by a student why homosexuals don’t have the sane right to marry as heterosexuals. Ann’s response?

“You have no fewer rights than heterosexuals have. You can get married, it just has to be to a girl. It has nothing to do with being anti-gay.”

The student asking the question, left in a huff, gave her the finger, sat back down, and began sobbing. I guess frank discussions do not occur at GWU? What is this student going to do in the “real world?” 

Yesterday, we received an email forwarded to us from a liberal student at GWU who was so upset by Ann’s remarks that he has emailed GWU administrators and wants Coulter banned from speaking on campus.

He writes: “Remarks like these is why Ann Coulter should not be allowed to speak on campus. Her words are offensive, hurtful, and have a negative impact on campus diversity….This is NOT the America I envision. GWU is NOT the place for this type of rhetoric. This cannot be tolerated any longer.”

This is just another example of liberals eager to ban ideas they disagree with.

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