After the YAF chapter at George Washington University (GW) hung fliers across campus to advertise a lecture they were hosting by conservative commentator Bay Buchanan, leftists took to Facebook to smear the group as “fascists.”


The fliers, which simply read “Build the Wall,” were posted to the popular Facebook page “Overheard at GW” where GW liberals proceeded to mock the chapter and imply the flier’s border control sentiment was racist. One student even wrote, “Sorry YAF I’m an illegal Kiss it!!!!!”

Another commenter smeared the group as the “Young American Fascists.”






Unbeknownst to this student, however, YAF has been at the forefront of the fight against fascism since 1960.

It’s a sad reality that the censorship of any non-liberal thoughts and ideas intimidates people from participating in these conversations on their campuses and has contributed to an atmosphere where students are punished for challenging the liberal world view. Colleges and universities are increasingly hostile to free expression.

So how do conservatives fight back?

Like true YAFers, the GW chapter boldly plastered their campus with the fliers– and it worked. GW YAF’s event with Bay Buchanan was so packed, it was standing room only.

In the word’s of YAF’s most notable champion, President Ronald Reagan, students should paint in bold colors, not pale pastels.

Check out some pictures of the event below…





 Photos of the event courtesy of Joe Rogus.