GWYAF ProtestThis past Thursday, the George Washington University chapter of Young America’s Foundation took to our campus to defend traditional marriage.  Despite intimidation from leftist students and accusations of being “hateful” and “bigots” we held a successful educational demonstration that involved handing out literature on traditional marriage.


But if the  liberal students, so eager to shout us down as bigots, had only read our viewpoints and stopped viciously attacking conservatives, they would have found a very inclusive and fair position:

We recognize that homosexuals have the right to live in non-traditional arrangements, however these arrangements have historically never been formalized by either church or state.  GWYAF respects that gays and lesbians have a right to live as they choose, but we don’t believe they have the right to redefine marriage for all of us.  It is not bigotry to believe that children need both a mother and a father. Furthermore, many argue that same sex marriage is comparable to interracial marriage in its societal struggle.  However, they share nothing in common. Segregation was an evil social problem that prevented positive relationships from occurring, while marriage, as an exclusively heterosexual union is a profound social good. Moreover, there is no research showing that interracial parenting is developmentally harmful to children, but literally thousands of studies indicate that children are hindered developmentally when they are denied their mothers or fathers. This tired argument may be offensive to the African American community seeing as over 60% who oppose same sex marriage.

As an organization seeking to educate students about the conservative viewpoint we sought merely to demonstrate our ideas. The ensuing counter event proved only one thing; liberal students are so interested in attacking conservative students, they fail to take a step back and actually consider the issue and the other side.  Instead of having an intelligent discussion, leftist students are more interested in getting in a shouting match.


Travis “TK” Korson is President of the GW Chapter of Young America’s Foundation


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