Leftist students at The George Washington University are once again trying to “outwoke” each other–even in the middle of a pandemic.

GW’s “Students Against Imperialism,” a pro-Palestinian group, released a demand letter on Thursday, claiming that leftist student groups at the school are dominated by white people and demanding that groups like the Young Democratic Socialists take action to remedy this immediately. The letter was shared by GW’s newly elected Student Association president, who noted he endorsed their cause.

“On behalf of several leftist students of color, we would like to express our grievances with predominantly white organizing spaces on campus. Here is our statement on racism within the GW Left,” the statement reads.

The statement goes on to claim that many liberal GW organizations “tolerate blatant apartheid apologism and therefore cannot be considered allies in the struggle for Palestinian rights,” as well as absurdly stating that “Zionism is racism, point-blank, period.”

“It has unfortunately become a norm to have white students put themselves at the forefront of student organizations deriving from political issues that impact black and brown people the most,” argues the statement. Minority voices would be “far more valuable than those of students who come from a place of privilege,” it claims.

Students Against Imperialism demand “all student groups within the GW Left,” such as Sunrise GW, Progressive Student Union, Young Democratic Socialists of America, and GW for Bernie:

  • Respond with a statement addressing how they will “address these problems”
  • Work together to create a system where “students of marginalized identities can comfortably voice their grievances”
  • Put minority students in leadership positions and ensure that white students “distribute the workload in an equitable manner”

Aside from being absolutely laughable, this demand letter is exactly what GW leftists deserve. Every year, left-leaning student organizations race to see who can become the most radical, far-left caricatures of leftism. They’ve set themselves up for a “woke Olympics,” and now they must reap what they have sowed.

Once leftists demand quotas to ensure there are enough of certain people based solely on skin color, they become an organization based on identity, and not based on ideas. GW liberals here have a chance to push back against this absurdity that is being demanded by their far-left peers–or they can give in, setting a destructive course towards a future where student participation in campus life is dictated by the color of a person’s skin–and not their ideas or character.