In what has become an all-too-often occurrence on college campuses, leftists at the George Washington University posted signs threatening the GW YAF chapter emblazoned with: “HEY YAF…GET SECURITY” around an image of Ben Shapiro with a red “x” superimposed on his chest. When the posters were reported to campus authorities, they chose not to take the threat seriously.

GW YAF defied the anonymous threats and hit campus early Thursday morning to chalk messages with info about their event with Ben Shapiro, part of Young America’s Foundation’s Fred Allen Lecture Series. Within two hours of those messages being chalked, more intolerant students obtained their own chalk and scribbled over GW YAF’s.

This is hardly the first time GW YAF has been attacked for boldly and unapologetically advancing conservative ideas. They’ve been targeted for years with false flag attacks, vandalism of their memorials to the victims of abortion, and compared to ISIS and cancer.

Tickets for Shapiro’s speech sold out within 15 minutes of being made available, but the whole event—including the trademark Q&A session following his remarks—can be watched via beginning at 7:00pm ET.

Additional information on YAF’s Fred Allen Lecture Series can be found here, and Shapiro’s upcoming campus appearances will be posted to as details are confirmed.

For additional information or to request an interview contact YAF Spokesman Spencer Brown via or 800-872-1776.