By: Heidi Thom

Earlier this year, comedian and conservative commentator Steven Crowder was demonetized on YouTube after attacks by LGBT activist Carol Maza. YouTube is owned by Google and operates as one of their subsidiaries. The bias Google has shown against Steven Crowder seems to be only the beginning of their attempts to silence conservative voices.

Project Veritas, an undercover journalist organization led by James O’Keefe, recently released over 1,000 pages of internal documents from Google. These documents included a list of sites excluded from appearing as Google Now stories. The documents were leaked by former Google Senior Software Engineer Zachary Vorhies, who went public on Wednesday in a video released by Project Veritas.

The list of sites blacklisted on Google Now contains a number of sites belonging to speakers sponsored by Young America’s Foundation, including Steven Crowder’s site and Michelle Malkin’s site

The list also includes the sites of other notable figures on the right including and

Google is a private company and is free to operate as they please. However, they are not being honest as they claim to be a neutral platform without bias when evidence continues to show that is not the case. Their repeated targeting of conservative voices is concerning.

Google and other big tech companies need to be held accountable for their attempts to censor individuals and groups without reasonable cause.

Heidi Thom is a Program Assistant at Young America’s Foundation.