By: Joe Prendergast

The Gettysburg College student newspaper is calling for a replacement of the school’s mascot, the “Bullets,” citing recent mass shootings and calling the moniker “frightening.”

The Editorial Board claimed that the name is insensitive, especially for this generation: “Of course, the bullet has historical relevance here in Gettysburg, but in many other towns around the country it has frightening significance.”

The Board mentioned possible replacement names in the piece which include Emancipators, top hats, apples, eagles, and horses and buggies.

The piece criticizes the name of a campus eating spot, known as “The Bullet Hole.” According to the Board, “It is objectively disgusting to eat at ‘The Bullet Hole.’ It is an extension of a mascot that is unnecessarily gory, especially for food service.”

In a statement to Young America’s Foundation, John Riccardi, chairman of Gettysburg College Young Americans for Freedom stated that “[t]he efforts to change the mascot are extremely oversensitive.” He also connected the movement to change the school’s mascot with a broader phenomenon: “This article demonstrates a movement on the Left to eliminate everything that is related to what they oppose.”

Recently, as The New Guard reported, “The George Washington University Board of Trustees announced in a press release Wednesday morning that the school will retire its ‘Colonials’ nickname and mascot by the 2023-2024 school year.” Now, Gettysburg’s “Bullets” might also be deemed too politically incorrect for modern higher education.

YAF is committed to standing against the political correctness that has taken over college campuses, and to defending our history and culture from those who would tear it down and reconstruct it in their own radical image.

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