Gettysburg College, a private institution in Pennsylvania, has scheduled an “LGBTQ Signs for Solidarity” event to take place just hours before the school’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter is planning to host a lecture featuring Dr. Ryan T. Anderson.

The lecture, sponsored by Young America’s Foundation, will be on the topic of confronting transgender ideology. Though the event has yet to receive final approval from the school, Gettysburg administrators are already scheming with campus leftists to ensure that the lecture faces as many obstacles as possible.

We will be making signs for solidarity, identity flag buttons and pronoun buttons, while having a discussion about the importance of solidarity for LGBTQ+ folks,” an event on the college’s official calendar states.

Dr. Anderson is the president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, and the author of several best-selling books, including When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment. Considering his sharp wit and expertise in the area, it’s no surprise that leftist administrators and students are frantically looking for ways to stop him from challenging their ideas.

“They’re pretty open about it,” John Riccardi, chairman of Gettysburg Young Americans for Freedom, said of the college’s planned protest event.

Riccardi says he has no doubt that the sign making event was intentionally scheduled for the same day as the YAF lecture in order to encourage protests:

“We originally had Dr. Anderson on the calendar to speak on September 25. Days after we booked the lecture, we saw this sign-making event appear on the calendar. When we moved the lecture to October 18 due to a scheduling conflict, the college moved their event, too,” he told YAF.

Riccardi also recently learned that the Gettysburg Gender & Sexuality Resource Center is hosting an “Inclusion and Belonging Barbecue” immediately after the end of the sign-making event, which is scheduled to last until Dr. Anderson’s lecture begins.

When he and his fellow YAF chapter leaders confronted administrators Christina Garcia and Paige Redmond about their blatantly obvious attempts to facilitate disruptions to the lecture, she reportedly claimed that the timing is simply coincidental.

This lecture has faced fierce opposition for more than six months. Last spring, YAF exposed footage from a Gettysburg Student Government Association meeting, in which student leaders voted against providing any funding for the event.

Neither the aforementioned administrators, nor Gettysburg’s press office responded to YAF’s request for comment.

Clearly, these administrators know exactly what they’re doing–but, they don’t have the courage to own up to their intentions.