I am the vice president of the Young Americans for Freedom chapter at Gettysburg College and next week, on April 19, we’re bringing black conservative author MLKSonnie Johnson to campus to speak about the Black Lives Matter Movement. As you might expect, a lecture titled “BLM Is Not The New MLK” is going to spark a lot of controversy.

Our executive board and club advisor have already received an email from a student demanding to meet with us.

In his message, a campus liberal informed us that our language was “hurtful” to students of color (even though I myself am a student of color) and requested a meeting between our club, our advisor, a dean, and him.

You’re out of luck there, bud.

Bear in mind Gettysburg officials are currently working to adjust the school’s free speech policy in order to censor “offensive speech” based, in part, on our chapter’s vocal conservatism this year. Our chapter has been the target of vandalism, censorship, and even slam poetry sessions, all organized by campus leftists.

Still, other than a few posters being torn down, everything for this event seemed to be peachy.

Up until the Senior Director of Admissions commented on a student’s Facebook post, that is.

Beneath the post that criticized our use of MLK’s name on the event’s posters, the administrator wrote, “Why does YAF exist? Will someone PLEASE explain?!?

Seriously? The administration seems to be completely incapable of not taking sides.

Real nice, Gettysburg College. Real nice.

Alissa Lopez is Vice Chair of Young Americans for Freedom at Gettysburg College.