Activism at high schools is taking off around the country thanks to the many Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapters being formed to advance conservatism.

High school students are eager to start a YAF chapter at their school, spread the conservative message, or host conservative speakers at their schools. However, students often find high school administrators go out of their way to create roadblocks.

Here are some examples of common roadblocks you’ll encounter and how you can get around them:

“You don’t have a faculty advisor, therefore, we cannot officially recognize your group.”

It is no surprise that most of the faculty are liberal and will provide every excuse not to be the advisor of your group. Do not let the Left’s monopoly at your school stop you from starting your group. If your school administrator says that they cannot recognize your group without an advisor, consider asking them if they would like to be your group’s advisor. Or, consider requesting that they ask some members of the faculty for you. Some schools also allow parents to be group advisors. If you cannot find a faculty advisor, ask if your parents can fill in.

“We cannot hold an all-school assembly for your speaker because we can’t interrupt instructional time.”

Your group has the ability to expose potentially thousands of students to conservative ideas in an all-school assembly by hosting a conservative speaker. Administrators typically provide a plethora of excuses, ranging from policies banning student groups from hosting all-school assemblies to the inability to interrupt instructional time. By hosting speakers who have long-partnered with YAF such as Dr. Burt Folsom, Steve Forbes, Bay Buchannan and others, you are providing students an education that they cannot get in the classroom. You are not interrupting instructional time; you are enhancing it. Be sure to also take note of all-school assemblies held in your school that are not educational such as pep-rallies, hosting comedians or rock-bands, or other speakers brought to your school. Use this information to underscore the benefits of hosting your speaker.

“You cannot post your flyers in our hallways because they are too controversial.”

Administrators often claim conservative ideas are “controversial,” yet they accept leftist ideas as the norm. Do not let administrators convince you that your ideas are “controversial.” Your ideas should be accepted just as much as ideas from the Left. Make sure to track liberal indoctrination and initiatives at your school so that you can use it as leverage to have your administration treat you fairly. If administrators continue to treat you unfairly, you can reach out to Young America’s Foundation for help, and we can pursue other avenues.

“We cannot recognize your group because it is political.”

Many administrators try to prevent students from starting a YAF chapter because they claim that YAF is somehow “political” and, therefore, should not be recognized by the school. You should fight back against these ridiculous claims. Young Americans for Freedom is the chapter affiliate of Young America’s Foundation which is a 501c3 non-profit, educational organization. This is the same tax status held by most high schools and universities. Just like the diversity group, social justice group, or gay straight alliance group at your school, you have a right to promote your ideas. Your group is educating students on conservative ideas and philosophy and is not part of or endorsing any political party.

“The conservative principles in the Sharon Statement are outdated and offensive.”

Some administrators claim that the Sharon Statement, Young Americans for Freedom’s founding document, was appropriate in 1960, but is no longer relevant today. They argue that the Statement’s language on communism is irrelevant and inflammatory. In reality, the Sharon Statement is not only the launching pad of the Conservative Movement but it continues to guide the Conservative Movement today. The Sharon Statement was adopted in 1960 at the home of William F. Buckley Jr., and is referred to by the New York Times as the “seminal document” of the Conservative Movement, which played a pivotal role in the Reagan Revolution. Young Americans for Freedom has a proud history, and the principles in the Sharon Statement are needed now more than ever.

“Holding your event will cost too much money.”

Schools are more than happy to expend substantial resources for leftist speakers and initiatives, but they often give every excuse not to fund conservative speakers and events. Many high schools, for example, host pointless assemblies with speakers who give standard leadership talks. Hosting an event with any conservative speaker available from YAF provides your peers with an introduction to ideas not being taught in the classroom. When the Left “claims” your event is too expensive, do not let this get in the way of your activism. Contact Young America’s Foundation, and we will help you expose their hypocrisy and provide the resources you need to be successful.