By: Emma Parker

A sexual assault awareness organization at The George Washington University released an anti-Semitic statement referring to Israel as an “apartheid state,” receiving backlash from fellow students.

The George Washington University’s Students Against Sexual Assault (GWSASA) released a statement criticizing Israel, claiming the state is guilty of “apartheid ethnic cleansing, genocide, sexual violence, racism, and oppression.” The statement was announcing an event “for those affected by the occupation of Palestine.”

GWSASA “provides supportive services and education regarding sexual assault,” according to their Instagram.

In their post, GWSASA, primarily a sexual assault awareness organization, justified their involvement on the issue as by saying “Palestinian liberation is synonymous with survivor justice.”

Twitter user Blake Flayton originally tweeted images of the statement on July 14, adding “.@GWSASA, GW Students Against Sexual Assault, displays stunning bravery by releasing a statement condemning those filthy Zionists for their unique crimes of sexual perversion. This is how antisemitism operates. Pin the Jews, and the only Jews, as the face of all you despise.”


After receiving an overwhelmingly negative response on social media, the statement was deleted. On July 15th, they released another statement reiterating their support for all survivors— adding “especially those who are marginalized.”

GWSASA did not respond to multiple requests for comment from Young America’s Foundation.

The event has prompted students to ask GWU to condemn anti-Semitism on their campus. However, the school has remained tight-lipped, not responding to Young America’s Foundation’s requests for comment—or to their students who have taken to Instagram comment sections to ask the university for answers.

GWSASA is yet another woke student organization spewing vitriol about an issue unrelated to their organization’s mission—all in the name of “intersectionality.” In their July 15 statement, they say they “support all survivors unconditionally.” The statement they released prior says otherwise. GWSASA has revealed themselves to be anti-Semitic and is using the guise of social justice to justify it. They’re trying to cover their tracks by claiming to “love and support” all survivors, but we’re not buying it.