The Board of Trustees at The George Washington University has caved to far-left student activists, approving a “Special Committee” to rename the school’s beloved colonial moniker.

In a letter sent to students, alumni, and faculty on Monday, GW’s President Thomas LeBlanc noted “We are now working to form a diverse and representative group of GW community members who will serve on a Special Committee on the Colonials Moniker…that will assess the renaming request based on the specific considerations established by the Board.”

This move comes after months of debate from students on whether or not the colonial mascot is “offensive” to minority students on campus.

In 2019, a referendum passed with a slim 54% majority in favor of renaming the colonial moniker. However, it’s important to note that only 2,700 students actually cast a vote in favor of the renaming– a very loud, but small minority of the more than 25,000 students enrolled at GW. Liberal administrators have once again shown that they are unable or unwilling to resist inane demands from a small number of leftist students for fear of being labeled “racist.”

GW should know to never bend a knee to the rage mob–this decision will open the floodgates for leftist activists to demand anything and everything, under the precedent that has been set with this cowardly action based on demands from a few vocal students

Watch Michael Knowles’ YAF speech on why the colonial moniker at GW should be preserved: